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<b>Watch The Med Alarm Phone Investigations – 27th March 2021</b> <i>Case name</i>: 2021_03_27-CM388 <i>Situation</i>: 45 travellers probably intercepted by the so-called Libyan coastguard. <i>Status of WTM Investigation</i>: Concluded <i>Place of Incident</i>: Central Mediterranean Sea <i>Summary of the Case:</i> In the late morning of Saturday the 27th of March the Alarm Phone was called by a boat in distress. However due to language barriers and bad connection we did not manage to receive information. Unfortunately we lost connection and were not able to reach the travellers again. In the early afternoon we received a call from a relative of a travellers on a boat in distress carrying 45 travellers which had departed the previous night. The relative gave us a GPS position he had received at 11:38 CET and told us that he had lost contact with the boat. From the GPS position we believed that it was the same boat spotted by the search aircrafts of the NGOs Pilotes Volontaires and Sea Watch. In the early afternoon we unfortunately received the information that the boat was probably intercepted.

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