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<b>Watch The Med Alarm Phone Investigations – 1st of June 2021</b> <i>Case name</i>: 2021_06_01-AEGxxx* <i>Situation</i>: 3ppl rescued by Greek Coastguard and transferred to Orsetiada. <i>Status of WTM Investigation</i>: Concluded <i>Place of Incident</i>: Aegean Sea <i>Summary of the Case: In the night of June 1st we got a call from three people at the landborder near Soufli. One of them had difficulties breathing, lost blood and was in need of an ambulance. We told them to call 112 and additionally alerted the Greek authorities via e-mail. In the evening of June 2nd we got the information from the borderpolice Soufli that the three people have been transferred to Orestiada and the person with health problems has been taken to hospital. </i>

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