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In partnership with Social Enterprise Academy, we have supported 47 new Scots through six leadership and social enterprise programmes since summer 2021.

This includes several one-day workshops, as well as an intensive and unique multi-day leadership programme which took place in Glasgow over eight months.

Fourteen emerging leaders with experience of the asylum system and/or resettlement were selected from applicants to attend the 8-month course. The group developed their strategic leadership skills, enhanced their social capital and have already begun supporting one another in their leadership journeys.

On Saturday 21st May 2022 we held a graduation ceremony for our new leaders.

It was so inspiring to have so many like-minded people celebrating together in a room and sharing ideas on community engagement, leadership and social enterprise.

Many in the group have already seen successes as a result of taking part in the course.

And there’s great news for future leaders too. Foundation Scotland has agreed to fund another cohort of the leadership programme – watch this space!

Photos: Bart Madejski at Open Aye

This post was originally published on Scottish Refugee Council.


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