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For many of us, the last few years have been characterized by a deep sense of chaos, uncertainty and injustice. As suffering across the globe appears to be worsening, you’ve likely asked yourself, how can I respond in a meaningful way? 

You’ve likely thought about your career path and wondered how you can make an impact in the face of the increasing suffering and injustice we see in this world every day.  

Perhaps you’re wondering whether what you do really matters, or if your work is contributing to this world in a positive way. 

Maybe you love what you do, but a new, or renewed, sense of purpose is calling you to a different space — one in which you can grow your talents while also standing up for the rights of the vulnerable and speaking out with the marginalized, exploited and forgotten. 

Or perhaps you’re at a crossroads, challenging yourself to take a leap into the unknown, uncertain but driven above all else by a missional heart and desire to put your faith into action.

If this sounds like you, World Relief, and millions of people around the globe, need you. 

World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization that is fighting for change that lasts, right here in the U.S. and across the globe. We bring sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest problems — from disasters to extreme poverty, violence, oppression, mass displacement and immigration. 

For over 75 years, we’ve partnered with churches and communities in more than 100 countries to bring hope, healing and transformation to the most vulnerable. At this pivotal moment in time, World Relief is rapidly expanding and growing our team to meet the increasing needs of our world, and we want you to join us!

If you’re one of the many people feeling like you need to do more for our broken world, here’s your chance. In the midst of the chaos, there is still hope — God has a plan and you can be a part of it. We are looking for people just like you who want to use their gifts and talents to make a real and tangible difference in our world and the lives of the suffering. 

Will you apply to work at World Relief today?

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